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 A new generation of chemical-free swimming pools


Kmobateva pools are monitored and sampled by certified laboratories and have displayed unprecedented 

performance in terms of microbial conditions and water clarity , all year round.

KMOBATEVA Ltd. developed a breakthrough technology for the purification of swimming pool water.

The system mimics nature’s fresh water purification processes, ensuring premium sustainability values:

100% Chemical free water - no use of chlorine or chlorine extracted from salt avoiding skin, eyes and lung irritation.

Low electricity consumption (can be integrated in solar operated houses)

Using pool water for irrigation.

  • Swimming pool conversion

    It is possible to replace an existing chlorine/salt pool filtration system with Kmobateva's chemical-free system. Conversion feasibility depends on existing infrastructure.

  • A to Z solutions

    Our services include pool system planning , system installation and all year round monitoring and servicing. 

  • System components

    KMOBATEVA's filter (patented) , low-pressure pump, biofilm reactor, UV-C sanitzer, garden irrigation solution , Kmobateva's monitor & control unit.

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